Friday, February 9, 2007


Nature has lots of creatures
With full of nourishes
Fat and thin, Lean and feeble,
Small and big, Slow and fast

Tall and short, clever and dull,
Beautiful and ugly, wild and poisoned,
Some fly, some crawl, some swim,
Some jump, some walk, but

With all this the god has created another
Fearful beast that is man.
He enjoy the pleasure of nature,
By destroying it day by day.

One day the nature
Will be without any creatures
or without any living being
Except the fearful beast MAN


School is full of rules,
With all fools.

Teachers’ break there head,
Students sleep on bed.

Teachers make them to understand,
Students make them mad.

Teachers shout at their top of voice,
Students play with their toys.

I love to be in school,
To make teachers a buffoon.


Love is a sweet dream
Where it has only few streams
It can never be fulfilled
Unless it is expressed

It is a tuff part of life
With parents hands full of knife.
We will not be aware about this
Whether it kills us or them.

We make up our mind
To live them, for love
They make up their mind
To stay back for the love towards us.
We die for our love
But they die for us
We cry for our love
But they cry for us

We create tension to them
They try to sort it for us
We make their life mess
But they make it clear for us

We in all time hurt them
They try to see us happy each time.
This is the love of parents to us
And this is the pain given
To them by us.


This is our school
So pleasant and cool
Here teachers are the global quest
Who try to do their best.

From East to West, and North to South
We promise for a better world
With a nation of humanity
Here we are family of one


In School the day is started with song
We salute the Nation, we sing her praise
For the school we love is sacred place
We are the one’s to make it so.

We work and sing, we play and dance
We promise to be good and brave
We respect our teacher and parents
We are children for the better world.


The pleasantness of the future
In our imagination
Will give us such a weather
Which will be full of pleasure?

To quench the thirst
In a desert searching for a river
Just in the madness of getting water
This will continue for ever

This is the way
in which we search of future
But no water will quench our thirst
Until we are in World of Dream

Monday, February 5, 2007


What a fussy, what a messy
Loved by all, hate by none
Else than one, that is me

Forget all, misses all
Else than one, that is me

Shout and fights with all
Else than one, that is me

Cries for none, smiles for none
Else than one, that is me

This is none other than
My sweet brother
Who cares for me
That is him.

This poem is for my sweet brother
Radha Krishna